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There are those who whisper lightly in your ears making you turn pages; spinning ink-webs, transporting you into another world through utter power of word imagery. There are also those who can launch colours into a thousand myriad forms making the stories come alive. They make you gasp in awe at the sheer beauty of the images melting through their pens, pencils and brushes. And then there are those who bring stories in the native sounds, stories from beyond, stories that transcend boundaries.
They are the pool of Writers, Illustrators and Translators, the Creative Communicators at Katha. We thank them for their wonderful association with us!!

If you can write, design, illustrate or translate, we have just the right inclination! Be a part of our team of creative communicators, and the best thing, you can do it from wherever you are and make Katha your space! Reach us at
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3 Responses to Creative Communicators

  1. Respected Sir/Madam,

    Iam Dr.S.Ruby Ebenezar,AP in English,Quaid-E-Millath College for Women, Chennai.I completed my Ph.D., in Translated. I have translated 12 short stories of Sivasankari (renowned short story writer) from Tamil to English language. I have not published that work. Will you help me publishing. As it is a very valuable treasure, I don’t want that to get misused.I want a very confidential person to publish my work and I also have some financial constrain in do it. Kindly reply.

    With thankful regards,

    Dr. S. Ruby Ebenezar
    AP in English,
    Quaid-E-Millath College for Women,
    Annasalai, Chennai – 2

  2. Joy Banerjii says:

    Dear Ma’am
    I am in teaching profession since last 13 years. I have some wonderful self written manuscripts for children. Since I am facilitator, I observed that how to communicate with the children in their way. I wrote few stories for elders but children stories always fascinate me.
    Please guide me how to publish them through you so that children can avail some good reading stuffs.

    thank you

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