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  • Facilitators for the workshops

Indu Harikumar – Delhi

Indu Harikumar is a children’s writer, illustrator and art teacher. She likes to turn everyday things into objects of art. Her works has been published by several publishers, as well as non-profit, multi-national and government bodies.

Kala Ramesh – Pune

Kala Ramesh is neck deep in haiku!  With just her face barely visible, she’ll take you for a swim in this beautiful river from Japan! Come enter the cool waters! Kala has taken 45 workshops for kids and adults for all ages from 12 to 101! Read more

Johannes ManjrekarBaroda

Johannes grew up mostly in Mysore, Karnataka. His education consisted largely of insect collecting, bird-watching and swimming, supplemented eventually by a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. Since 1989 he’s been teaching M.Sc. students in Microbiology and Biotechnology at Baroda’s M.S. University. Apart from haikai, he is very enthusiastic about photography.

Srivi Kalyan – Chennai

Srivi learnt what fun teaching and learning could be when she started teaching her dolls as a toddler. And then she learnt how cool it could be to paint from a storybook about Bondoo monkey the painter. And she figured watching nature is what makes teaching, learning, painting and writing come alive for her. Read more

Samhita Arni – Bangalore

When she was eight, Samhita Arni started writing and illustrating her first book. The Mahabharata – A Child’s View went on to be published in seven language editions and sell 50,000 copies worldwide, winning the Elsa Morante Literary Award, and receiving commendations from the German Academy for Youth Literature and Media and The Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Vikram Mall – Gurgaon

Has close to 15 years of experience in facilitating and designing of Learning & Development initiatives both indoors and outdoors. Has been involved with line functions in organizations and running a profit center. Has worked with The Body Shop, Freight Systems, Samsung and Nokia. Is accredited in MBTI, DISC and TKI. Read more:

Please note:

Besides the above profiles, Katha has other resource persons in various locations in India to cater to the training needs of our partner organisations. Katha will keep providing the same as and when the work flow expands.

  • Features of the trainings being conducted by Katha
  1. Katha’s unique Story Pedagogy® to be used in workshops wherein children are exposed to a world of stories that invoke their imagination.
  2. Exposure to a wide and an eclectic variety of workshops where students can appreciate and critically explore the nuances of stories.
  3. Katha workshops to bring children out of their shells and get them excited about storytelling.
  4. The participants of the Katha workshops to explore the joys of reading and inculcate it in all spheres of their lives.
  5. Workshops to open children to a world of words where they can dabble with their ideas, develop their vision and reach out.
  6. Skills of children to be developed where not only their writing, their comprehension and their imagination will grow many bounds.
  7. Children after Katha workshops come out as confident individuals, with a new enthusiasm for reading and writing.
  8. Katha workshops are open to all age groups where children learn the art of illustrating through words as well as writing stories through illustrations.
  9. Workshops to help children experience the quiet beauty of nature, plot good stories, use images and words to work their magic and explore the world inside themselves.
  10. At the end of Katha workshops, each child will become a fountainhead of storytelling!

  • Feedback by participants from the previous trainings
  1. Aparajitha Nair, ASN Senior Secondary School says, “Katha Utsav’s activities are really innovative and completely out of the box.”
  2. Apurva Malhotra J.M.V School, “The best feature of the workshops was to improve writing ability through enjoyment and fun.”
  3. Sam Mukherjee, participant, “Thanks for giving us a chance to learn something more. It was an amazing experience,  I will never forget in my life in Katha Utsav.”
  4. Participant at Katha Utsav 2013: Indu Harikumar’s workshops is simply amazing…I mean we can make stories with llustrations.
  5. Aditya Ashirabad from Bhubaneshwar says, “haiku has given a purpose to his life and Katha helped him discover this!”
  6. Salika Shahid, Cambridge School, Sriniwaspuri, “Thanks to Katha for having initiated this means of enhancing literature and creativity among students.”
  7. “I have experienced myself as a small plant, a bird, a leaf falling from a tree and every aspect of the nature that I haven’t experienced ever,” a student after attending Katha Utsav workshops.
  8. Participant at the Katha Utsav, “Katha has brought me out of the shell I had crawled in. Now I see the world through new eyes- the eyes of a journalist.”
  9. Katha Utsav 2013 gave us a pitara full of new ideas and has changed OUR definition of fun :D.
  10. “Amazing and awesome workshops, we are looking forward to final Katha Utsav” – Purav Prashant Acharya Aadharshila Schools District.

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