The Katha communities elucidate the power of many. It is an endeavour to connect people and create a global community. At the heart of this effort is recognition of the vital role that art and culture play in enhancing economic development — one that exploits the vital linkages between art, literature and commerce, and in the process development of the economy and society.

If you feel strongly about children, the education of working children, women and equity, community revitalization, story, storytelling or the vast virgin territory that’s story in education, you belong with us! Join the Katha community and be a part of an ever-widening circle of activists, creative or social. Send us your details, your language skills, the ways in which you can help, your success story and any material that you already have and feel that Katha can platform.

For ease of operation, we have divided the communities section into two categories. Though you will find — as always happens — the entrepreneurs are excellent creative communicators. And our writers, illustrators, translators are entrepreneurs par excellence! So the categories mean nothing at one level.

Choose where you want to be. And if you see yourself in both, please do join both!

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