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It’s our choice to either watch and feel helpless about poverty issues, or do something about it. The urban movement, pioneered by Katha, helps bring positive change to the lives of more than a million individuals.

    • Donate: You can explore and donate to any of our programmes. All contributions are tax deductible. To lend a helping hand, please click here
    • CSR with Katha: Over the last 22 years, Katha has done some great work with the corporate sector! There are many ways you can increase your company’s and Delhi’s wealth by helping create the future wealth makers of the country! To know more about the CSR opportunities at Katha, please click here.
    • Volunteer with Katha: A number of enthused volunteers helped our children reach grade level reading last year. You could read to our kids and teach subjects, cinema, fine arts and more. You could also research under us to bring a social change. To know more about how you can contibute, please click here
    • Be a Katha Story Ambassador: Help us spread the joy of reading by marketing our books. Here’s an excellent opportunity for you to share your passion with others. Contact for more information.
    • Be Resourceful! If you’re interested in helping us find stories/translate/edit, or otherwise acting as a resource person, kindly contact
    • Illustrate our books: If you have the knack for design and imaging, join our team of illustrators. Write to us now at
    • Campaign for us online/Facebook community

      Join Team Katha, a group of dedicated dreamer-doers both achieving and helping others achieve their potential.

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