Team Katha

Katha has a staff of over 320 people, a 500+ volunteer base, and 6000 friends who bring positive change in the lives of people we touch.

We are grateful to a dynamic Governing Council which provides us with ideas and support spontaneously when needed!  read more

The organization has grown from a single volunteer in 1988 to a vibrant body of full and part time staff, who are assisted by a large number of volunteers. We thank all the friends… read more

Katha UK
Under the leadership of Ms Patricia Hewitt, Mr Ian Gomes and Ms Judith Unwin, Katha UK is a fledgling organization, started last year with the full support and enthusiasm of Sir Mike Rake, Chairman, BT. read more

Katha USA
Under the leadership of Mr. Guha Seshadri and Mr Prasad, and administered by our volunteer of many years, Ms Tulsi Dharmarajan, Katha-Sridevi Educational Trust is a 301 cc organization, started last year.

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