Research shows that early childhood education is essential for nations to thrive and prosper. One million 0-4 year olds live in Delhi’s slums with almost no access to early childhood centres. We know preschools are important. So why don’t we ensure that every one of our children gets it?

In 2010, out of about 450, 000 children in Delhi who should have taken the Grade 12 exam, only 45% took it: 208, 000 children. This is the city average. If we look at children in the slums, our studies show that less than 15% of them reach Grade 12. A waste of human potential, this.

Professional Education
Last year, 100 of our high school graduates earned Rs. 1 crore. The return on investment is high! They earn in one year what we spent in 12 years on their education! So why are we slow in providing all children with IT, entrepreneurship and vocational training of good quality?

If education is to fulfill its intentions: to develop every individual to their full potential, pro-poor action must be in the agenda of every school. So why aren’t our teachers at the centre of community action for equity and equality?

Teacher Education
Children living in slums are often taught by teachers who have had no formal training. There is no formal faculty development available for teachers in low cost schools. How then can our children reap the benefits of education?

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