Many children who enter municipal corporation or government schools have had no recourse to preschools. Hence they have very little of the essential pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Katha works with MCD Schools to help grade 1 children reach PAR (Performance, Attendance, Retention).

Primary Reading
Across 50 slums, Katha studies show high drop out rates. And low reading skills. Are they linked? Help us join the dots by working in our innovative reading centres for children living in the slums.

Grade 6 Reading
A study of DISE Data, of Govt. of India show that if 100 students enter Grade 6, about 50% have stopped coming to the same schools by Grade 8. Studies show that many Grade 6 children still have problems understanding what they read.

Why don’t children stay in schools, learning? Why do they drop out? What are the socio-economic factors that force children into dropping out of school? Is it a drop out or a push out?

Reading Teachers
Most teachers do not read. Often this means that they don’t know how to help a child to read.

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