Awards and Accolades

Nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Award 2014!

The MA is an inclusive platform to leverage Indian creativity, expertise, and resources to identify and scale innovative solutions being developed and tested in India to address development challenges that will benefit base of the pyramid populations across India and the world. The MA is a network to bring together various actors within India’s social innovation ecosystem including, but not limited to, social innovators, philanthropy organizations, social venture capitalists, angel investors, donors, service providers, and corporate foundations, to stimulate and facilitate financial contributions from the private and public sectors and offer a range of support to innovators.

Educational Initiatives

•Winner of ICICI India Inclusive Award in the Elementary Education Impact Category (NGO)

• Nominated for the world’s most coveted award in children’s literature thrice – the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, 2010, 2013, 2014

• North India winner of India NGO Awards 2009, for Quality work, Accountability and Transparency, by Rockefeller Foundation and Resource Alliance, UK

• The Social Enterprise Laboratory Award by Digital Partners

• The Stockholm Challenge Award 2002 Finalist

• Tech Laureate for the Year 2002, the “NASDAQ Stock Market Education Award”

• Tech Museum Award of Innovation 2002

• Global Junior Challenge 2002 – Global Youth Incubator Award

Children’s Books

• Moon, Ramu and I –  Darsana National Award Winner, 2011 for the Best Children’s Book

The Song of the Scarecrow – Katha Chitrakala Award 2002. Honourable Mention at the Biennial of Illustrations 2003, Bratislava

The Princess with the Longest Hair – NOMA Concours Encouragement Prize and ChitraKatha Award 2003

Dadoo’s Day Out – Runner Up Prize at 10th NOMA Concours for Picture Book Illustrations

One Lonely Unicorn – Runner Up, NOMA Concours, 2000. Honourable Mention, Biennial of Asian Illustration, Japan, 2002

Leaves – Encouragement Prize in the 12th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations in 2000

The Famous Smile – Grand Prize Winner, Katha Chitrakala Award 2005

Kaleh and the SingSong Castle – Runner Up, Katha Chitrakala Award 2005

Dinosaur-Long-As-127 Kids – Grand Prize Winner, Katha Chitrakala Award 2009

Mai and Her Friends – Runner Up, Katha Chitrakala Award 2009

Ball Heaven – Runner Up, Katha Chitrakala Award 2009

Adult Books

• Chouboli and Other Stories, Katha Translation – Asian Publishing Award Winner 2011 in the Best Book Category

Not Flowers of Henna – Mr Jai Ratan’s translation received Jury’s Commendation at the Muse India National Award 2011

The Heart has its Reasons – Hutch Crossword Winner 2005

The Survivors – Hutch Crossword Shortlisted 2005

The Man from Chinnamasta – Hutch Crossword Shortlisted 2005

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