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2008. Katha students excelled themselves! A survey of 431 Katha alumni [2004-2008] shows that they earned a total of 42 million rupees in 2008! That is the value of Katha's education! And when you consider that 12 years of their education cost India half what they have earned in one year, this definitely becomes a model for the country to study! And results? Performance stands at 92%.


The Katha Lab School began in 1990 as a learning centre in the slums of Govindpuri, Delhi, with 5 children. Today we have 8000 children in 71 Katha Schools in Delhi and in the tribal schools in Arunachal Pradesh. Our students who were working to support their families when they joined us have now gone to colleges and are earning more than many, many times what their families were earning in 1990 when katha started working with them [According to a government survey, the average income in 1990 was Rs 600-800/month/family]


Through an intense curriculum development programme, Katha devises innovative methods of education through stories. The resulting Vidduniya, a teaching framework, has improved the attendance of students in Katha schools to 92%. Our performance and retention are also in the 90%!


What We Do

Over the last 18 years, Katha has established a unique and innovative Child-in-Community Katha Learning System with a 3-Pronged system delivery and support programs


The 3E Lifecycle of Education

Katha’s holistic approach carefully nurtures the child at all three levels to see that she/he does not drop out of school and learning.


Enjoyment: Katha brings children into sustained learning pattern at the entry level through increasing their joy of learning. We see early childhood education as a very important part of this process.


Engagement: Retention of our students is high [in the 90+ range. We forge interest and self-propelled learning through relevant education that emphasizes learning by doing rather than learning to do


Employment: Through three professional schools and the English Academy, Katha helps students gain confidence and skills to see them through life as contributors to a globalizing Indian economy.


Katha Learning System

Community-Based Education Model works with and through our students to push the economic resurgence of our community as well as their upward mobility This forms part of the school curriculum. Katha Schools educate children in quality ways in the 3Rs, even while they encourage the involvement of communities in strengthening themselves inside out. The invigorating presence of the community's welfare in the daily life of our students nourishes both ways. Our women, in 2007-8 earned no less than Rs 42 million rupees!


Story-Based Learning: Story pedagogy is a classroom methodology that is patented to Katha. Using story tactics to encourage children into the learning process helps in increasing our attendance and retention rates which are both in the high 90+ range!


Teacher System: Recruiting & training teachers in the community to help the locality educate itself has been a success story of Katha Schools. Today, each community school is headed by women from that slum community -- and the results are amazing. Engaged adults means engaged students and a teacher who sees herself, quite naturally, as the centre of community action!


Aatish -“Summer Camp”:

  • The Summer Camp is scheduled to be held from the 25th of May to 10th of June in spaces outside the Katha School campus in one of the largest slums in Delhi.
  • It is a rigorous training programme for 100 students of Katha Public School and the Katha School of Entrepreneurship who are graduating from Grades 10 and 12.
  • Objective: To train students in entrepreneur, leadership and learning skills. They will go through personality development workshops and mock interviews and will be trained in writing resumes etc. It delivers much fun and camaraderie each year!
  • The graduating students will be groomed for the Job Mela scheduled in the first week of July at the School Campus.


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katha learning system
A powerful tool that has, since 1990, situated the child in the community of careers and brings this community into the curriculum and the school, making learning relevant as well as cooperative.


early childhood education

With 50 community schools that focus on early childhood learning, Katha helps children living in poverty to link formal education with career pathways.

katha lab school

To impact 80% of the urban disadvantaged communities, starting with Delhi, the lab school hones Katha's well-defined recipe that enables children and youth to reach their potential.


professional schools
The Katha School of Entrepreneurship, the Katha Info Tech School, the Social Work Institute help youth get out of poverty.


schools on wheels
1000 street children come into our IT schools on wheels! Since 2001, the Tamasha Roadshows have brought the joy of reading and formal education to urban child workers.


katha reading campaign
An exciting and innovative way of brining large numbers of urban children into assured reading skill: The Delhi Government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi have invited us to work in 300 of their schools.


teacher education
With a 160 hour annual training and regular bi-monthly faculty club meets, Katha's teachers are an excited lot!


This year's focus is on early childhood education. And equitable education for our youth.


katha translation for equity network

There are 100 million youth in our country, stymied by lack of English and hence unable to perform well in college. K.TEN addresses this obdurate problem.




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katha is a registered nonprofit organization.